“This stuff is amazing! It really works on my cracked heels and I’ve tried a ton of different things. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my dry cracked heels are gone!”

— Kathy S.

“This is the best cracked heel remedy I’ve tried. The glue really helps actually heal the cracks and it also stops the pain!”

— Barbara L.

“This product is wonderful for cracked heels. I’ve been battling them for years and this really makes such a difference in helping them actually heal, not just masking the problem.”

— Ellen B.

“This product is a lifesaver and has helped me so much with painful blisters on my feet. I would have had trouble walking and going out without Heel-Seal.”

— Annie C.

“Very impressed with this adhesive product. I have had 3 cracks on my right heel for YEARS. Lotions helped but never healed. Started using the glue after I used a foot cream, and it looks like it helped seal in the moisture and protected the cracks from debris due to living in sandals. ”

— Heather D.

“This stuff is unbelievable. I used to have problems with cracked and bleeding heels, during the winter months. No cracks, no pain, and back to walking 3 miles a day.”

— Carol M.