“My mom had a very bad cracked heels. During the hot summer months and swimming in the pool it is hard to find bandaids to stay in place. Finally we found liquid heel protector that stays in place and repairs cracks. It is waterproof too. You can see skin improvements on a second day. My mom loves using Heel Seal, the best product for her foot. Also, 2 days ago, I got a big cut on my foot, use liquid Heel Seal and two days later no visible cut. Very satisfied with this product!”

— Tatyana

“Hands down one of the best products I have ever used to heal a cut or a scrape! Not only does it seal the area it works to heal it as well. In addition to using it on my heels I used this on a blister that had ripped open on my toe and it had healed the wound in 3 days! You can’t go wrong with this product!!”

— Addie623

“I got this product for my husband and it has been amazing so far. We have tried so many different foot products to help with his cracked heels and nothing has worked. Within two days of using Heel Seal his cracks have healed and he doesn’t have pain. Usually his cracks never fully heal, they just get small enough that they aren’t as much of a bother, but this product is amazing!”

— Katelyn A. Doepel

“I’m diabetic and have awful dry skin, especially in the winter months. I had almost given up on anything helping until I found this! My heels are on the way to not having unsightly big cracks on them anymore. An I’m super excited about spring, it’s been years since I’ve been able to wear sandals. This does the trick!”

— Sherri

“If you have dried and cracked hands you need this. I have been using this on my hands. As soon as I see a crack I seal it with this product. I have helped tremendously. If your skin is as bad as mine you have to keep up on it and check and use it on your cracks every night. This has been a game changer for my cracked hands in the winter. I will try it on my heals in the summer.”

— Doodle

“This stuff is amazing! It really works on my cracked heels and I’ve tried a ton of different things. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my dry cracked heels are gone!”

— Kathy S.

“This is the best cracked heel remedy I’ve tried. The glue really helps actually heal the cracks and it also stops the pain!”

— Barbara L.

“This product is wonderful for cracked heels. I’ve been battling them for years and this really makes such a difference in helping them actually heal, not just masking the problem.”

— Ellen B.

“This product is a lifesaver and has helped me so much with painful blisters on my feet. I would have had trouble walking and going out without Heel-Seal.”

— Annie C.

“Very impressed with this adhesive product. I have had 3 cracks on my right heel for YEARS. Lotions helped but never healed. Started using the glue after I used a foot cream, and it looks like it helped seal in the moisture and protected the cracks from debris due to living in sandals. ”

— Heather D.

“This stuff is unbelievable. I used to have problems with cracked and bleeding heels, during the winter months. No cracks, no pain, and back to walking 3 miles a day.”

— Carol M.