Save your Heels!


Heel-Seal is a liquid skin protectant created for cracked heels.

Heel-Seal is a liquid skin protectant that helps treat cracked heels, repairing the cracks and helping to restore healthy skin. By quickly bonding to the skin and providing a protective and flexible seal, Heel-Seal gives your heels the time they need to heal. Heel-Seal will seal your heels in seconds, and provide relief from painful, cracked heels.

  • Protects & Repairs the Skin
  • Easy-to-Use & Non-Toxic
  • Seals Your Heels in Seconds
  • Long-Lasting Waterproof Formula
  • Seals Out Dirt & Germs
  • Also Protects Calluses and Blisters

Heel-Seal is the Best Choice for Cracked Heels

Heel-Seal Bandages Creams & lotions
Provides a Protective Layer
Flexible Seal
Stays in Place
Seals Out Dirt and Germs
Locks in Moisture
Prevents Further Cracking
Protects Calluses and Blisters

This is the best cracked heel remedy I've tried. The glue really helps actually heal the cracks and it also stops the pain!

- Barbara L.