Liquid Skin Protectant for Cracked Heels



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Save your heels! It’s time to begin healing your painful cracked heels with Heel-Seal — a liquid skin protectant designed to treat and heal cracked heels. It is the ultimate solution to protect rough, dry, cracked heels. Heel-Seal dries fast and forms a waterproof protective cover. It will seal your cracked heels and prevent infections and further cracking. Up to 20 applications per bottle. FREE SHIPPING

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1) Soak your feet until skin is soft

2) Use heel buffer to remove thick, dry skin around the cracked heel

3) Towel dry the area around heel

4) Brush a thin layer of Heel-Seal over the cracked heel

5) After the first layer of Heel-Seal has dried, apply a second layer

6) Reapply Heel-Seal every 1-2 days until the cracked skin is healed

When receiving a pedicure, use Heel-Seal after your pedicure treatment


  • Protects & repairs the skin

  • Easy-to-use & non-toxic

  • Seals your heels in seconds

  • Long-lasting waterproof formula

  • Seals out dirt & germs

  • Also protects calluses and blisters

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