Frequently Asked Questions

Cracked heels are a common problem for many adults. One survey showed that up to 20 percent of adults experience cracked heels. Cracked heels can not only make it painful to walk or stand but may also lead to serious infection.

What is Heel-Seal?

Heel-Seal is a specially formulated liquid skin protectant created to improve cracked heels. It covers cracked skin with a protective layer that protects and repairs the skin. Heel-Seal also works great on calluses and blisters. Heel-Seal is an FDA registered product.

What makes Heel-Seal so effective?

Heel-Seal is a flexible seal that covers and protects cracked heels. Unlike bandages, creams, and lotions, Heel-Seal provides a flexible, waterproof barrier that protects the skin allowing your cracked heels to heal while sealing out dirt and germs that may lead to infection.

How long does it take for Heel-Seal to work?

You should feel immediate relief when you apply Heel-Seal and your cracked heels are no longer exposed to outside air. You should see visible results within days. Continue to use Heel-Seal every 1-2 days until your cracked heels are healed.

What causes cracked heels?

Dry skin on the heels that hardens and cracks is very common, especially in drier climates and in the winter. If you already have dry skin around your heels, the increased pressure on the fat pad under the heal can cause the skin to split.

Does anything make cracked heels worse?

The cold, dry air of winter is thought to make cracked heels worse. Wearing open-heel footwear such as sandals can also cause cracked heels. Wearing supportive, closed toe shoes with socks is always advisable when you have cracked heels.

Additionally, exposing your feet to hot water for extended periods of time such as a long hot bath or shower can dry out skin and worsen the problem.

What can I do to prevent cracked heels?

Wearing closed-toe shoes with socks will help prevent cracked heels. If you develop cracked skin on your heels, use Heel-Seal to effectively treat your cracked heels.

Do studies show that liquid adhesives are effective at treating cracked heels?

Yes, there are many studies that show liquid adhesives are one of the best ways to treat cracked heels and prevent infections. Please see links below for information on cracked heel studies.